A new space for a new generation

Kekw will be a community driven space. It will allow up-and coming creators and artists to have a voice, to create collabs, to use amazing tools, empower each other and to be rewarded and valued.

Action! Kekw NFTs recopilation

By the community for the community

A new space for an everyday growing community backed by the Solana blockchain. Be part of the community by owning $KEKW tokens. You can also receive them by participating and winning one of our contests or being an active community member!


Max Supply

15,000,000,000 $KEKW


20% burn


4,500,000,000 $KEKW


30% community airdrop

Meme Contests

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Token Symbol


of tokens




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A space meant to bring opportunities to up and coming creators, giving them a window to expose their talent, a voice to be heard and the opportunity to be valued and rewarded for their contributions.


For experienced users...

Kekwcoin partnered with Raydium and now users can purchase KEKW tokens with ease at Raydium. Click here, connect your wallet and start purchasing KEKW!

If you are a newcomer...

In case you are not yet started into crypto world, watch the following video:

How to buy KEKW Full tutorial

Otherwise, if you already own an exchange account, follow the step-by-step below in order to enter the crypto space, create a wallet, send tokens to your wallet and purchase KEKW!

1. Setup Sollet Wallet

Go to sollet.io and create a wallet. Keep your seed words in a safe place and make sure to use a password you will remind.

In order to purchase tokens you will always need SOL tokens in your wallet. To get SOL tokens buy them in exchanges like Huobi, Binance or FTX. Once you pruchased SOL in your exchange, withdrawl it and send it to your Sollet wallet. To find your SOL address click on the SOL tab in your Sollet wallet page to expand it.

press the Receive button and copy the Deposit Address which you need to paste in your exchange withdrawl page.

1. Access Raydium and Connect wallet

Go to Raydium swap and connect your Sollet wallet by pressing the Connect button on the top right of the screen. Then select the Sollet option and enter your password in the pop-up screen.
IMPORTANT: Don't close the pop-up screen while interacting with Raydium and keep it visible all the time.

Once connected, configure the page to swap from SOL to USDC as shown in the picture below. Enter the amount of SOL you want to swap and tap on Swap to get your USDC.

Make sure to approve the operation in case it is required in your pop-up screen.

1. Set the Swap to buy KEKW with USDC

Go to Raydium. Check that the swap pair is USDC - KEKW as shown in the image below.

Next, press the Connect Wallet button in the bottom part of the swap and set the amount of USDC you want to swap.
Finally, press the SWAP button, approve the transaction on your wallet and you are done!